Mindfulness & Self-Compassion For Adults


Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness.  Learning to pause and check in with your experience.  Learning to recognise what is going on in your mind, your heart and your body in this moment.

Why is this an essential skill?  Because it allows you to more readily notice the good moments in your life and when you notice them in this way, you are more able to really appreciate and savour the good times.  And the more you savour the good moments, the more resilience you feel when you bump into a difficult moment.

Learning to pause and notice your experience also helps you to notice when you are struggling in some way.  Perhaps you are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or upset.  Ordinarily, you might try to ignore these feelings and how they might be affecting your body, and the nagging thoughts that go with them.  Mindfulness gives you simple, practical skills to support yourself to feel steadier and more able to deal with life in a calm way.  You no longer need to get caught up in difficult thoughts or feelings or use up lots of energy trying to push them away.  Instead, mindfulness enables you to find a place of inner steadiness and calm however busy your life or your mind may be.



For most of us being kind and supportive to ourselves does not come naturally.  We know it is a good idea in principle but the ‘how’ of it can be a bit of a mystery.  Mindful self-compassion training offers simple, practical ways to learn how to be as supportive to yourself when you are struggling as you would a good friend or love one.  Many of us hold old messages about kindness to ourselves being selfish, self-indulgent, weak or letting ourselves off the hook too easily.  Exploring these beliefs, the role of the inner critic, how to work with difficult emotions like anger and shame, and finding motivation through kindness rather than fear are all themes explored in the Mindful Self-Compassion 8 week course.

8 Week Mindfulness Courses

1:1 Mindfulness Training

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What is Mindful Self-Compassion?

8 Week Mindful Self-Compassion Courses

1:1 Mindful Self-Compassion Training

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