How Relationship Counselling can help

Relationship Counselling Beaconsfield    My name is Gayle Creasey and I'm a trained psychotherapist offering relationship counselling near Odds Farm, Beaconsfield.   I would like to share with you how relationship counselling can heal emotions and transform...

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Patience as an act of Self Compassion

Of late, I’ve been noticing just how often I feel impatient – it often involves other people and them getting in my way in some shape or form, perhaps in the way that they’re driving or moving through the underground, or perhaps because they’re giving me way more...

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Mindfulness and Self Appreciation

I wonder how often you feel awkward when someone flatters you or praises you? For many of us, these moments have a ‘squirm factor’ to them.  They make us feel uncomfortable for a number of reasons and most of these reasons seem to stem from fear. We fear disappointing...

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Working Mindfully With Anger Blame

Anger arises when someone or something obstructs our needs or desires.  It is an essential and intelligent part of our survival equipment. We need it to know when our boundaries have been crossed.  It lets us know when something feels unfair/ unjust/ threatening to...

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In What Do You Take Refuge?

“In what do you take refuge?” What does this mean? In what do you seek comfort when things are difficult, in what ways do you try to support yourself when struggling…. How do you behaviour when you are feeling sad, angry, scared, stressed, shame, hate, worry?...

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The Freedom is Forgiveness

Forgiveness means we stop feeding the ‘angry, fearful wolf’ inside of us. In the Cherokee legend, a grandfather was speaking to his young grandson about what causes violence and cruelty in the world.  He tells the boy that, “in each human heart there are two wolves...

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