Mindfulness at Work

The goal of mindfulness at work training is the development of emotionally intelligent and resilient employees who can create enhanced value for their companies.

Increasingly, business leaders are recognising that the health, performance and profitability of their business is determined by the emotional and cognitive resources of their employees.

The UK Health and Safety Executive estimates that self-reported work related stress, anxiety or depression accounted for 11.7 million lost working days in Britain in 2015/16.  While cultivating resilience through mindfulness at work is about managing stress and reducing absenteeism, ‘corporate well-ness’ is not just about lowering blood pressure.

The ever increasing complexity and pace of organisational life can also trigger habitual and reactive patterns of thinking and behaving which can limit an individual’s effectiveness and performance at work.  Resilience is also about each individual developing the internal resources to enable them to perform their best despite stressful conditions.

Mindfulness at work training is about supporting each employee to increase their mental and emotional capacity in order to succeed professionally and be their best selves.

Companies such as Nike, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Proctor and Gamble and Goldman Sachs have all adopted mindfulness training programs to support the effectiveness, productivity and well-being of their employees.

Mindfulness at work training enables employees to cultivate internal resources to:

  • feel more resilient in the face of inevitable stresses/ challenges
  • remain objective under pressure
  • be responsive rather than reactive
  • maintain effective decision making under pressure
  • maintain cognitive flexibility
  • adapt to change with confidence
  • show compassion towards themselves and others
  • build trusting and collaborative relationships with colleagues
mindfulness at work

Mindful Resilience Taster Session

Brief sessions of 60-90 minutes to spark interest and engage motivation.  An opportunity to find out what mindfulness is, learn about the science underpinning its’ benefits and for participants to try some mindfulness exercises.

Mindful Resilience Master Class

Tailored half-day or whole day sessions to meet the particular development needs of your team.  An opportunity to learn practical skills to strengthen emotional resilience and intelligence, and boost positive well-being.

Mindful Resilience Programmes

Provide a sustained development experience across 4-8 weeks enabling participants to integrate core mindful resilience skills into both their work and personal lives.  Sessions are 90 minutes and delivered weekly.

Mindful Resilience 1:1 Coaching

An opportunity for individuals to work in more depth and cultivate inner resources to skilfully respond to both development and day to day challenges.  Available face to face or online.

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