Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling Beaconsfield 

My name is Gayle Creasey and I offer couples counselling near Odds Farm, just outside Beaconsfield.

I have trained with the International Centre for Clinical Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

All couples go through difficult times.  Sometimes we get stuck in re-occurring patterns of distress which can undermine the fundamental connection in our relationship.  This can feel very lonely, frustrating and painful.

These are some of the difficulties which bring people to couples counselling:

  • communication breakdown, frequent arguments
  • blaming and criticism
  • sense of isolation and hurt feelings
  • withdrawing, stonewalling or distancing
  • issues with intimacy and sex
  • affairs and betrayal of trust
  • discerning separation or navigating divorce
  • fertility issues
  • adjusting to the birth of a baby
  • cross-cultural relationships

If you would prefer to work individually, I offer adult counselling sessions.  I also offer counselling for children.


Couples Counselling Beaconsfield

What is Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling can heal emotions and transform relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a type of couples counselling.  It has been applied with great success to couples struggling with problems in their relationship.

EFT focuses on the emotional connection between partners or spouses by:

  • de-escalating the conflict
  • creating a safe emotional connection
  • strengthening bonds between partners

Research studies find that 70-75% of couples receiving EFT move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements

When a relationship is working well, partners will feel they have someone they can depend on to be there for them and someone who is responsive to them. With the support of a caring understanding partner, life’s problems become more bearable and our well-being is good.

When relationships are under stress, couples develop unhelpful patterns of managing the tension between them.  These coping strategies often lead to endless arguments or an avoidance of communication with problems bubbling away in the silence.  Both strategies increase the distance between partners.

Couples counselling can help you understand yourself and your partner better which will make it easier to interact positively with one another. Beyond learning skills like de-escalating conflicts and keeping arguments healthy and constructive, couples counselling can help you strengthen the very foundation of your relationship through a deeper and more resilient emotional bond.

How I work:

I offer a safe space where both of you can feel listened to and valued and together we can explore what is happening in your relationship.

I do not take sides or offer ready made solutions to your situation.  Instead, couples counselling can provide you with an opportunity to:

  • address stuck patterns and negative cycles in your relationship
  • make sense of your own emotions and those of your partner
  • learn more about your own and your partner’s inner world and emotional needs
  • develop deeper understanding, closeness and safety in the relationship

Everything discussed is strictly confidential and handled with warmth, care and sensitivity.

Couples counselling takes on average 12-20 sessions, depending on the level of couple distress and commitment to the relationship and the counselling itself.

Please be aware that recovering from an affair or when there is a history of trauma it is a more complex process and usually takes at least a year to complete couples counselling.

I offer daytime and evening sessions Mondays to Friday between 8am- 8pm.

Contacting Me

You are welcome to call me on 0794 1279177 to have a chat and ‘get a feel for me’.  I can tell you more about how I work and practical things like my availability and cost and you might like to tell me about what you are hoping for from some sessions.  You can then decide if you and your partner would like to come for an initial session so we can meet in person.

Or click here if you would prefer to contact me by email.

I have a private practice near Odds Farm, Beaconsfield (HP10 0JX).

HP10 0JX

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