Mid Life Magic


Mid Life Magic!   

Information & Tips to Help You Look Good,  Feel Good & Embrace Midlife with Grace & Ease   

Enjoy a glass of bubbly or two, some nibbles and a chance to chat and have fun with friends and learn some fantastic techniques to help you look good & feel good!  


Thursday 25th April  

Choose your session time: 10.30am-1.30pm OR 6.30pm-9.30pm  (limited places so book now!)  

Venue: 4 Hyde End, Chesham Road, Great Missenden, HP16 0RG    

£25 per person 


 £5 per ticket will go to William’s Fund – Raising Money for Childhood Cancer 

Workshop includes:  

  • Welcome Meditation & Relaxation – Gayle Creasey, Mindfulness trainer 

  • Hormone Balancing foods – Food & Nutrition to keep you balanced & healthy  Jocelyn Peregrine, Nutritional Therapist

  • Break ½ hour. Mingle, drinks & nibbles

  • Meditation to help cope with stress & anxiety –  Gayle Creasey, Mindfulness trainer
  • Hormonal Self Help Tips to help you balance your hormones & reduce stress levels  Carine Evans , Complementary Therapist

  • No more 50 shades of Grey, or Beige……colours & styles to suit your changing shape and lift your mood –  Sandra Telford, Personal Stylist

  • More mingling, drinks & nibbles 


More details about workshop sessions: 

No more 50 shades of Grey, or Beige……  

Find out how wearing the right colours for you can lift your look AND your mood! Wearing shades that flatter our natural colouring can give you an instant boost and make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant. Fed up with trying to combat that middle age spread? Then I’ll also be sharing some Top Tips on how to wear styles that really flatter you, show off your best bits and hide the bits you’re not so keen on.

Sandra Telford, Personal Stylist   sandra@colourandstyleconfidence.co.uk  07711 153207  


Hormone Balancing foods – Food & Nutrition to keep you balanced & healthy  

I’ll be taking you on a quick tour of your hormones in mid-life: how they should work and how they can go awry. Also, a look at how diet can make a significant difference to how well you fare and the important role that herbs and supplements can play. 

Jocelyn Peregrine, Nutritional Therapist   peregrinej@aol.com 07966 240064  


Hormonal Self Help – Tips to help you balance your hormones & reduce stress levels

I’ll be sharing lots of information and different tips I have learnt over the years as a Complementary Therapist that can be used to help balance our bodies and especially our hormones at a time when our bodies are transitioning into a new phase. We will examine how you can avoid hormone disrupting chemicals in your environment and look at treatments that can help you feel relaxed and revitalised!    

Carine Evans, Holistic Therapist  carine@energetic-healing.co.uk   07973 867272 


Mindfulness & Meditation – the key to reducing anxiety & stress

If you’re looking for a technique to enhance your life and happiness, to reduce stress and menopause symptoms and to help you cope with daily tensions and stresses then mindfulness meditation may be for you! Mindfulness cannot entirely remove the symptoms of menopause, but it can help you deal with them in a calmer and more compassionate way – and self compassion boosts mental health. Come and experience the benefits of mindfulness with an experienced trainer.

Gayle Creasey, Mindfulness Trainer & Psychotherapist   gayle@resilientliving.co.uk    07941 279177


Wiliam’s Fund – Our Chosen Charity

William Dodd was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was given various names as the weeks turned to months but we never found out the exact type of cancer William had… all we know is that he had every treatment he could have. Tragically we lost William – but now we fund research into Childhood Cancers, we have no paid employees and no admin fees… we send all your money to the William Dodd Foundation research post in Oxford. This is Williams legacy, please help us keep it going. Thank you

Look forward to seeing you at this fun and interactive workshop!



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